Binary modding a water dispenser to save me from pressing a button

A few months ago, I decided that it’s time I started to become more responsible and to start drinking more water. Unfortunately, the tap water where I live has a very high calcium content, which makes it a lot better when filtered and cooled first. To solve both issues, I picked up a second-hand professional water dispenser:

ION 900 series water dispenser ION 900 series water dispenser

This thing is amazing. It’s connected to the water supply, has power save features when it detects it’s in the dark for a while, the filter lasts for years, …

Along with the cooler, I also bought thermally-isolated 1L bottles, which take about 50 seconds to fill. Unfortunately, you have to keep pressing the “dispense cold water”-button while filling 😑.

Since I’m lazy and not very rational in my decision making, I decided it’s time to fix that!

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